2018-02-22 - Dune-Technology is an official importer of WESEM

Dune-Technology an official importer of WESEM lights for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Dune-Technology is pleased to announce that as of February, 2018, it is an official importer of WESEM lighting technology for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
We offer a wide range of lighting technology for the automotive industry and low-speed machines, special machines and agricultural machines.

Dune-Technology also announces the launch of a special version of the WESEM FERVOR DUNE-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED EDITION LED lamps for the Swiss and Liechtenstein markets, which meet the highest standards, both in terms of the parameters offered and product quality. This product will be available exclusively to customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We also offer a wide range of LED work lamps for: agriculture, logistics and transport, rescue services, municipal services, construction machines and many other uses.

The full range of lighting technology will be available on our website over the next few days. Until then, please send all inquiries by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.